I got an email from BMW today telling me to check out the new 428i Gran Coupe. It's a 428i with four doors.

For this model year BMW bid farewell to the legendary M3 coupe because they were simplifying the model lineup - even numbers had two doors and odd numbers had four doors. Kinda what they had been doing for a long time with the 5 and 6 series.

Except the marketing department got mad cow disease or something and keeps going crazy. First it was the 6 series gran coupe, which took all of the disadvantages of the 6 series (low headroom in the back etc.) and made them worse by putting four doors on a design made for two.


Now we are bringing the same amount of suck to the 4 series. I know I'm not the first one to rant about BMW's ridiculous model proliferation, so I've decided to embrace it.

I'm holding out for a BMW 328i Gran Sedan, which will be a 328i with only two doors. Only perhaps I'll hold out for the 328i Gran Sedan M, which will be better because it will have M striping on the seats. Go ahead BMW, you're move.

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